Wednesday, October 18, 2006

this is the part where you never hear from me again...

...and wonder what happened, only to find out later that I died from a chocolate overdose.

Lindy, my Chocolate Swap pal, has struck again. I wish I could show you a photo of it before we tore into it. It was a vision of pink and gold beauty. Everything wrapped up so pretty and fitting Just So. But, alas, the package came just as I was leaving the house and I didn't have time to run back in for the camera. I had the purest of intentions to wait until I got home to open it. But, my evil, impatient self won out and I had to start opening it at a red light. That's right. I didn't even make it to my destination before I started in on it. In case you need this bit for future reference, when you have no scissors with you to cut through all the packing tape, a pin that says, "Puppy Love" in your glove box will suffice.

Behold the box of chocolaty goodness:

I knew it was going to be good when, as soon as the seal was broken, a wonderful aroma wafted out that turned out to be lovely little soaps and yummy lotion. And see all that Lindt chocolate? Cadbury Koalas for the kiddies? That's just the beginning.

She knows I'm a tea drinker and sent chocolate tea. You heard right. Chocolate tea. Green tea with lemon. Mmmm. Not one, but two knitting patterns--a pretty lace scarf and a gorgeous cabled hat (I'm already yarn shopping in my head). Chocolate tiles for the kids with Australian animals on the labels. Postcards from Victoria (what a gorgeous place it must be!), stickers for the kiddos, a 2007 calendar of Australian animals and (have to admit--it's a favorite) a magnet that says, "A good mother has dirty floors and happy children." When Jake saw it he said, "How does she know you?! I bet the stuff you sent her had dust on it." I forgive him. He comes from a long line of smart alecks. On both sides.

Once we've eaten ourselves sick, there is a recipe book with wonderful recipes for more chocolate desserts. The meringue and chocolate mousse cake is on my short list. You know. At the top.

Lindy, I thought I was spoiled the other day when the book arrived. That didn't even touch on it. Thank you!

Lydia realizes that I was serious when I said she's too young for chocolate. See the boy next to her? He knows he gets chocolate. He is a Very Happy Boy.

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Blogger Pearls Mother said...

I'm glad that the chocolate care package has arrived.
You opened it at the red lights, I'm impressed, that shows no self control.
I think that being able to send fun things for the kids is the best part of a swap.
I suspect that the scarf pattern would easily adapt to laceweight yarn, yes, the pattern came before the yummy strawberry yarn!
I hope that you, hubby and the kids all enjoy the chocolate.
big hugs,

10/18/2006 5:42 PM  
Blogger Angela Martínez said...

Oh my goodness! The aroma is making me drool from all the way over here. What an incredible package! And those are two seriously cute kids. I hope you're framing that one.

10/18/2006 5:46 PM  

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