Friday, April 13, 2007

oh, the beauty!

They are now safely nestled back in their protective bags, but for a little while they were showing off for my camera this morning. Here are the promised photos of the Cider Moon yarn for the prize drawings. Each of these will be in one of the drawings (along with lots of other stuff), in order to spread the Cider Moon love around. I have them linked to Cider Moon's photo of the colorway on some of them. I am using the dark monitor (the laptop's cord connection place is trying to withdraw inside like a turtle head when we connect it) and don't want to risk misrepresenting the colors because they are so gorgeous!

First, Flurry in the Hot Flash colorway. This is the first one I saw as I openened the package and oh, it is gorgeous! 440 yards/110g of superwash merino that will knit up to approx. 8 sts/inch on US 1's. I had already been eyeballing this colorway on Cider Moon's website and now I am sold! I am nearly certain I haven't captured the colors on this one, so please click to Cider Moon's photo of the colorway to get a better idea.

Next, handspun! This is 100% Australian wool in their Blue Highway colorway. 75 yards/105g. Recommended needle size US 13+ with 6 wpi. Is it just me or is there some kind of magic taking place when the strands are plied together like this?

Adagio in Serenade! This yarn is so soft that the first thing I told Angie when describing it was, "I want a pillow made of this!" 64.5 yards/110g with a gauge of approx. 3 sts/inch on US 13's. It's 92% mohair with 5% wool and 3% nylon.

And last but absolutely not least, one of my favorite yarns, Glacier, in Juneau. This is the yarn I used for Billiam's socks (in Johnny Cash) and I can personally tell you it's a pleasure to knit it up. Really soft and squishy, it's 253 yards/110g of superwash merino and knits up at approx. 5.5 sts/inch on US 4's. Cider Moon has a great pattern for socks (free!) called Camp Fire. It's easy to memorize but still plenty interesting. Hope and Clara both made grabbing motions at this when I was showing all of the yarn to them.

Again, huge thanks to Jacki and Gail for their generous contribution to the prize drawings!

Remember, $5 = five chances (one in each of the drawings). Just click on the paypal link up at the top of the sidebar.

Coming soon: my blogiversary contest!

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Blogger Angela Martínez said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

It is even more delicious than you described. Yes, make that two pillows, please. And that Blue highway?! Incredible! Some people's creativity and eye for color just baffles me. (Of course, that's not hard to do.)

4/13/2007 9:17 PM  

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