Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter and a good sport

Jake went to a show Saturday afternoon. To get there we dropped him at a friend's house (about 30 minutes away) and from there they went to the subway and took the train downtown to the show. He was the come back home the same way, with us picking him back up from the friend's house.

During one of his check-in calls he asked if we would be able to give a ride home to another friend, B (in Jake's band), who also lives about 30 minutes away, but going back in the other direction. B.'s ride home had overbooked his car and would be cramming kids in without enough seatbelts. Yipe. What was to have been a hour of driving Saturday night was now going to be two. Luckily, B. was able to spend the night and so we had an extra kid for Easter morning.

We found another basket to set out and in the morning I had two sleepy teenage boys to wake up when it was time to search for the filled baskets. One thing we've always done on Easter and Christmas mornings is to have the kids line up in the hallway, smallest to tallest, while I snap a photo. I rarely share these photos as they show a gaggle of sleepy, bed-headed kids, and often more than one is blinking. I'm not mean enough to make them wait while I snap a bunch to avoid the half-closed eyes that will surely be in most of the shots when taking a photo of that many kids.

B. was a good sport and lined up right along with them. In all fairness, I think he was still partially asleep and not completely sure what he was doing. The two big boys went back to sleep after finding their baskets and munching on some chocolate so I'm sorry to say that, having slept through breakfast, we took B. home with nothing more than sweets in his stomach. He'll live.

We had an early dinner at my mother's and got to soak in all the newborn love from Baby Vita Marie (Vita Marita, according to Ben). I'm told that she does fuss at home but we only saw her eat, sleep, peek a little bit, then back to sleep.

Back home and more sweets, home made salsa and off to sleep. A good day, indeed.

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