Monday, April 09, 2007

as promised

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket in Cider Moon's River; Samba colourway. I love this yarn. Soft, shiny cotton with a lovely drape. Ever so pretty. The pattern cracks me up. Each time I decide I'm going to try to figure out exactly how it's going to come together I stop. If I really try and can't see it, it's going to drive me nuts, so I force myself to stop looking. I'm just going with the pattern and waiting to see what happens.
I actually ordered this yarn with something for my niece in mind. My sister loves purple and red and on the monitor I was using (our desktop monitor is pretty dark), that's what it looked like. In person (and on a normal monitor) it is very pretty shades of fuchsia and a tomato-orange. The variations in color intensity are really striking. I'm not sure if that's showing up in the photo as I'm on the desktop right now. But it really is lovely. Anyway, since it's not purple and red, I am waiting to see how big it ends up being. With the gauge I'm getting the pattern says it should fit 12 mos or larger, so maybe Lydia will get to wear it. Fingers crossed.



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