Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I heart April.

One reason: egg salad sandwiches with pepper. For some reason I forget about egg salad most of the year. Dyed eggs make that happily impossible.

Another reason: two of my girls are April babies. Clara (21st) and Hope (29th). At nearly twelve and nearly fourteen, they have forbidden me to post photos of them here without permission, but I think they won't mind this one.

Reasons are not necessarily in order of importance.

In other news, I have three rows left on my EZ Baby Surprise Jacket in Cider Moon's River. Well, first I have to go back a row and a half then knit the last three rows. Because it's important not to read the directions carefully, I kept increasing every other row on the last rows. So now I have to go back and knit them straight. And I actually see how the shape is going to work, finally. Without effort, even.

I think I will wait on sewing up the seams until I can make bets with each and every family member on whether they can shape it into a sweater. Hey, I have to earn money for more stash somehow and I'm short five dollars today because the baby made off with my cell phone and I had to offer up a reward. The phone was turned on when it dropped out of my pocket but apparently Lydia now knows how to turn it off. Just the skill I need her to have. :-O So that upped the reward.

It was under the fish tank stand, by the way. And now Ben is trying to think of what he can buy with five dollars. I'm just glad to have my phone back.

Oh, and did I mention that the whole thing took just one skein? I'm getting close, but I will be really surprised if I run out before finishing. There seems to be just enough.

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