Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Remember yesterday when I said I had just three more rows on the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket and just enough yarn to do it? I actually had three more ridges (of garter stitch) to go. So six more rows. Plus the bind off. I was able to start the bind off last night during Clara's field hockey practice but was too beat to even pick it up when we got home. I think it's going to work. But then, I am an optimist. Still, I am holding my breath.

This morning we'll be heading out to watch Clara's debate team at their first competition. I think that all of my kids should be star debaters. After all, they are all convinced that they are absolutely right 100% of the time. I have no idea where they got that. (whistling nonchalantly)

My blogiversary is coming up next week and I'll be having a wee contest that I'll tell you about later.

In the meantime, please consider buying a chance in the AHA raffle. $5 = five chances! And the prizes are going to be good. Really good.

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