Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I heart brown.

Is there anyone in the universe who loves the online tracking at ups.com as much as I do? So much better than USPS, which lets me know they have delivered a package the day after it gets here. Click. Click. I get to see all my packages as they make their way across the country. Click. Click. That one spent just over an hour in Tennessee. Click. Click. Texas, why did you hold onto my package for nine hours before sending it on?

Seven children means that much of our holiday shopping is completed online. Click. Click. There's another, on the truck, scheduled to arrive on my doorstep today. Click. Click. One by one, sometimes in pairs, my kids' Christmas presents arrive.

I wish I could see all the other aspects of my life falling into place so easily.



Blogger Angela Martínez said...

I've been doing the same thing all morning. Click Click... Still in New Jersey. Click click. Out for delivery! Yay!

The only way their tracking could be any better would be if they had a little animated UPS truck moving across a map for you, or GPS actually on each box.

I feel like one of those old folks that tracks the hurricanes every year, waiting for each update so they can add another dot to their map. Doesn't take much to amuse me.

12/19/2006 2:00 PM  
Anonymous Kate said...

Hello, just dropped by to wish you and your family a great and peaceful Christmas.
Greetings from kate

12/20/2006 6:30 PM  
Blogger Jenni said...

I heart brown too. Especially since the best package it ever delivered to my doorstep was my husband (a former UPS driver)!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

12/20/2006 10:22 PM  
Blogger Nicki said...

It's an addiction ::click click:: get help! haha. It is a great analogy for life, though, you are right! If only life could be tracked and kept up with with a ::click click:: :-)

12/20/2006 10:42 PM  

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