Thursday, September 28, 2006

hope that package wasn't urgent.

While I was out taking photos of my new yarn in the front garden today (non-knitters--it's a knit blogger thing), a FedEx truck pulled up next door and the driver was looking at me. So, pretending to be friendly, I gave a neighborly wave. Then I noticed she was walking over to my yard.

She told me she needed me to sign for the package she was holding, all the while looking past me and squinting at my mailbox. Then she stopped and asked where (insert neighbor's address here) is.
" were just in their driveway. It's over there
(pointing towards her truck)."
She looked confused and I explained that the neighbors have an extra lot between their house and ours. Finished with my photos, I started to walk inside. Then she came back over and
asked if the neighbor's dog is friendly.
"Well, he is friendly to my kids when they go over with the little girl...but they did mention that a mailman told them the dog bit him. But when they asked for medical
receipts so they could pay for them he never responded. So I don't know." To myself: Their dogs scare the crap out of my dog, though.
I started walking over with her and their biggest dog (a hunting hound of some sort) was at the end of their walkway glaring at us. We both paused and I told her that they have invisible fencing but I don't know where the boundaries are in the front yard. She looked at the paperwork on the package and said that there wasn't a phone number listed for her to call to let them know she was there. I don't have their phone number, either, as when my daughters have asked for it so that they can call her she says she doesn't know what it is. As we started to walk towards him he hunched back then quickly forward (without actually coming towards us, if that makes sense) and let loose with barking. We both retreated, her yelling, "I don't have time for this!" She hopped in her truck and left.

Moral of the story? If your potentially not friendly to strangers dog is loose in your front yard, you probably won't be getting that FedEx delivery today.



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