Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Emma has yet to go to school this week. Sunday night her cheeks looked very flushed. She had just put on some of her makeup so I was thinking that was it. We washed it off but it kept getting worse. By Monday morning I was thinking fifths disease, but as the day wore on it was looking more and more like an allergic reaction.
Monday night Hope started getting some red areas, too, but nothing like Emma.
Tuesday brought a trip to the doctor who confirmed that they were having an allergic reaction to something, probably from their walk in the woods over the weekend. Prednisone and Atarax for two, please.
While waiting for the bus this morning, we were trying to figure out what Hope and Emma did this weekend that the other kids didn't. They all went into the woods. The only thing I could come up with was that they went over to play with the neighbor girl Saturday evening. We ran down the list of pets they have, what they ate...then Hope remembered. They were pulling leaves off a vine growing in the backyard. Something with berries. Bingo. I'll be going over later to take a look at the vine. I don't think it's poison ivy because the girls aren't blistery.
Hope was well enough to go to school today. Emma is still swollen, red and sandpapery. She doesn't feel great but could probably go back to school tomorrow, except....
At what point do you allow a child to stay home because of their appearance? Her face is swollen like Jerry Lewis in his sick photos. Her skin is rough and scratchy. She is shy and self-conscious on a good day. But now she is missing her third day. What would you do?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If she's truly shy and self-conscious, I'd keep her home. No sense in shattering a fragile ego over a missed couple of days. I'm sure that she can keep up with her school work from home, and with a doctor's note, the absence should be forgivable.

In highschool my boyfriend fell off the back of a moving car (don't ask) and road-rashed the entire side of his face. The administration allowed him to wear a big-brimmed hat to somewhat cover/shade it. Maybe there's some way to help minimize Emma's rash?


9/20/2006 10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My oldest is shy and self-conscious and if it were here I'd allow her to stay home. She can catch up on the schoolwork but the emotional toll may take a while. Don't forget to throw out their play makeup -- it may be contaminated!


(down with blogger beta!)

9/20/2006 4:42 PM  

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