Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tonight we attended a candlelight vigil for an amazing man who was my sons' teacher. The van he was driving was hit by a drunk driver (with a suspended license) last Tuesday evening. He was killed and another teacher from the high school, who was in the passenger seat, was taken to the shock trauma center where, thankfullly, she is recovering.

My oldest had Leonard Cave as an art teacher, who encouraged him and fanned the flame of Jake's interest. As the head of his department, Mr. Cave also taught the last period of child development the year that Abie was in their preschool program. Each day as Ben and I went to pick Abie up, he would give Ben a big hello in his slow southern drawl, stretching Ben's one syllable name into two that went on nearly forever. Abie thought the world of him and he deserved every bit of that adoration. As Jake said, "He had a way of talking in such a reassuring way...even when nothing was the wrong it just made you feel better."

Our prayers continue to be with his family and Carolyn Gipe, as she recovers.


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