Thursday, July 06, 2006


I've just gotten back from the dentist. I had to have an old filling replaced and I look like a stroke victim. The right side of my mouth is drooping and I do a mean Elvis. Thank you. Thank you very much. Clara laughs and laughs while Hope begs me to stop doing anything that makes it apparent that my mouth is Not Quite Right because "it makes me sick, Mommy!" Goofy girl.

Now I'm waiting for the plumber to come fix our shower. It has a hand-held thing and Clara was trying to reach it once and, being not quite tall enough, pulled the pipe thing out of that thing in the wall. Oops. There I go using technical terms. Sorry to all you plumbing novices who are having trouble deciphering it. Cross your fingers for me that they can get it fixed in an hour or less. I really don't want to pay for a second hour. You know, when I made the appointment, they pointed out to me that they charge a minimum of one hour (yeah, that's normal), including travel time from the shop. Have you heard of that? I'm glad they're just two (or so) miles away. Hopefully they'll hit all green lights.


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