Saturday, July 08, 2006


On the plumbing front, it took them longer to write up the ticket than it did to fix the problem. $92, please. They were nice enough to ask if we had anything else that needed fixing, as we were paying for an hour. Nope. Oh, well. The problem is taken care of and now we can shower in the master bathroom, again.

So now our summer list is looking like this:

  1. paint kitchen walls
  2. paint door and trim in kitchen
  3. paint front door
  4. plant herbs planted two basil, two rosemary, one sage, one oregano.
  5. dig weeds out of front garden (started this)
  6. plant flowers in front garden
  7. replace dimmer switch in dining room (this seemed like it would be easier than it was. The wall had three wires in three different colors and the new switch had four wires in three colors. A few web searches and $8 spent at and we have a new dimmer switch. Yea, us!)
  8. make new curtains for kitchen windows (because I am so damn picky and too cheap to pay for cannot afford ones I will like, I had to spend two days making them.
  9. paint master bath
  10. paint kids' bath
  11. put up new curtains in our bedroom
  12. paint girls' room
  13. get sand for sandbox and set it up
  14. plant something around mailbox
  15. replace broken doorbell
  16. rip up carpet in hallway lovely hardwood found beneath. Woohoo!
  17. replace carpet in girls' room with area rug
  18. paint Jake's room
  19. replace Abie's bed
  20. take black & white photos of kids to blow up and put on big wall in kitchen
  21. buy my camera before $100 rebate offer ends (adding this to see if Billiam is paying attention. Please, honey, please?)

I'm sure I'm forgetting something.


Anonymous frectis said...

Wait... did you move again? Are you at your dad's house fixing him all up like that?

7/09/2006 8:49 PM  

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