Friday, April 27, 2007

prize update of the evening #2: handpainted cashmere!

This is just one of a handful (actually, it's more like two heaping handfuls) of yummy stuff that Michelle of The Sweet Sheep sent for the prize drawings. It's Zen Yarn Garden's handpainted 100% cashmere: 400 yards of it. The colorway is Paradise Fish and the label recommends using a US 0-1 for 7-8 sts/inch. 100% cashmere. Let me say that once more. Cashmere. All of it.
Michelle was so kind to speak up on the very first day of the fundraiser and offer to donate something for our prizes. If you haven't been to The Sweet Sheep, you really should. Michelle has a great selection of yarn by indie dyers as well as the standards. And, as I said, this skein is just one of the great things she sent to be included. More photos to come! Michelle, thank you again!

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Blogger knitphomaniac said...

I adore handpainted yarns, they're so beautiful :)

4/29/2007 2:06 PM  

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