Thursday, January 11, 2007

five more minutes and she could have worn it to school.

Winter weather has arrived late this year, cutting me some slack on finishing a few things for the kids. Christmas knits? Did I ever say they were supposed to be for Christmas? Don't believe me when I say that. Just give me a patient smile and wink at the others.

This morning I was finishing up a hat for Emma that I started last night (a quick one until I knit the other one. Don't ask). Uber bulky Uruguayan kettle dyed yarn on size eleven dps. A simple 2x2 rib with my new favorite decrease from Fig and Plum's cashmere ribbed hat pattern. I made two of those in gauge, already. One for my dad (navy) and one for my beloved (chocolate brown with three rows of apple green around the bottom). Love, love, love that decrease.

Back to Emma's hat. I was weaving in ends as the bus pulled up. Five more minutes and it would have gone to school with her. Ah, well. Tomorrow is another (cold) day. Here is is, happily modeled by Ben.

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Blogger Bek said...

Wow!! Another knitter. I saw your comment on Blog Con Queso and noticed that you went to her blog from MY blog!! So, you delurked about my blog on another blog, how cool!! I am glad you read and glad to have found your blog... you must have found me from Christy at the Crafty Conservative.... maybe not. She is the only knitter I know. Something I wanted to learn but haven't yet....

I guess that I also answered the question in the previous post.... I always go back and check. :-) Looking forward to checking out your archives..... :-)

1/11/2007 1:46 PM  

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