Wednesday, January 18, 2006

top ten reasons not to have the baby today:

10. not quite finished with the left front of her cardigan...sleeves, neckband and buttonband still to go

9. camera has fresh batteries in it, but the rechargable ones are still not charged...gotta find the charger

8. Jake has an exam each morning this week

7. it's an even number day

6. Abie has a nasty sounding cough

5. Bill has a nasty sounding cough

4. it's raining

3. need to get some more food in the house

2. Wednesday's child is full of woe

1. I just don't feel like it today!

So, I slept so soundly last night (same position all night--amazing!)...then I woke up this morning (later than I was supposed to, mind you), and felt something funny under the side of this big baby belly...the remote. You could see see the numbers in my skin, the impression was so perfect. Now I know who turns the tv up too loud when we fall asleep with it has been Fireball!


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