Thursday, January 19, 2006


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Ok, technically Jake is finished with his exams as of this morning. He does have to turn in his art final project tomorrow, though, so really it would be best to wait until after that, Fireball. But Abie and Billiam are still coughing....

And now, for lack of anything more interesting to say, please participate in this highly important poll. Background, for those who don't know...I am left-handed and Billiam is right-handed. Before we had any kids I told him that he needed to agree to have all left-handed children. He did. All went according to plan until Abie and Ben. Go figure. They're righties. So we have four lefties in a row, then the two rogue boys. Of course, we won't know the answer for Fireball for quite a while, but hey, we can guess.

Will Fireball be a righty or a lefty?

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More polls to follow, no doubt.


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