Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Billiam was sweet enough to come home with a wipe warmer (another thing to cross off the list--now she won't have a freezing bum in the middle of the night) and a pink bundling thing to put on/over the carseat. Oh, plus he brought me chocolate. What a good, good boy.

Went out for Chinese food tonight...mmmmm!

On the knitting front, finished the left front of the cardigan and started a sleeve. I am having to stop myself from grabbing up a skein of sock yarn and knitting a pair of socks for Ben. I don't think there is enough for bigger feet than his and I'm really in the mood for turning a heel, lol. But I keep telling myself to finish the cardigan. Oh, and then the hat/bonnet. Oy. OMG! I'm missing LOST! What am I thinking?!


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