Thursday, July 28, 2005

Firemen's parade!

Tonight is the firemen's parade through town...totally small town. There are fire trucks from counties all over and fire princesses/queens, small businesses driving their trucks, scouts, cool cars, etc...and they toss candy out to the kids sitting on the side. I love it! Oh, my kids love it, too. Lol.

So we'll take a bucket of chicken, blankets and drinks and eat on the curb with my friend and her son, then wait for the parade to start. Pictures later. If you love stuff like this, you should be there.

Oh, and my dad was a career firefighter and always said to say "firefighter," not "fireman--those are the guys on the train shoveling the coal," but the parade is listed as the "firemen's parade," so I'll stick with that for this occasion. (-:

special note to Laura: There will be firefighters there. Lots of them. Waving to us. C'mon over!


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