Friday, July 08, 2005

Hello, yes, it's been a while...

...not 'bout you? Are my 70's showing?

GAWD. That's all I can say. We have been in Moving Hell for waaaay too long now. It's about to end, which is the only reason I can talk about it. Before it was too fresh and painful.

We are up at my dad and stepmother's house for the summer. They have lots of room and are so generous (and maybe a touch daft) that they have offered us their space. They have basically moved themselves down into the big walkout basement and turned over the upstairs to us. We actually have more space here than we did at the old house.

The Plan was to move the boxes and smaller stuff up here gradually and Bill would take the last week of June off, rent a truck for one day the last week of the month for the beds and big furniture. Then one of Bill's employees (the one who would have covered for much of his stuff while he was out) gave notice that he was moving to Georgia. Georgia. Who moves there? Anyway, that pushed our plans up a week and we were making a mad dash to get everything up here for the 23rd. As far as I'm concerned, only one thing sucks more than moving and that's moving a week sooner than expected. I mean, yes, Organized People would have been ready anyway. That leaves me out.

Then they gave us a 15 foot truck instead of a 24 ft one (probably for the best....24 feet is a lot of truck to manuever), and that meant more trips up and down the road. And please, don't anyone out there decide that two adults and a teenager equals a moving crew. I have to say that Bill and I were *so* impressed with Jake...he really stepped up and worked hard (more than me, by lots), but it was still too much.

We got the big stuff up here in two days with the truck, but have continued to go back daily to the house to take stuff to the dump and bring more boxes and general Junk We Don't Know Why We Need But By God We Need It. Moving Hell. I told you so.

Tomorrow will finally be the last day. All the stuff is out of the house except the washer and dryer and the last of the dump stuff. Oh, and the Taurus wagon. That has to be gone by Monday. I have high Craigslist hopes that one of the responders to my FREE! Ford Taurus Wagon ad will come through and tow it this weekend.

Then we just clean up and turn in the keys on Monday. Over. Finally.

More on Living With Your Parents When You're An Adult With Six Children later.


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