Thursday, February 17, 2011

in the works

I'm working on a new pattern.  Well, a few, but one is closer to completion.  I know the yarn that I am using--I just need to decide on the right color and then work up the sample.  I was originally picturing a pale pink, but then the yarn artist added a gorgeous deep purple to her colorways.  I am such a sucker for purples!

Once I have one finished I will be looking for a few test knitters to make sure the pattern makes sense to everyone else.  

It's a little cardi for girls.  Nothing too fussy, but definitely girly.  A quick knit and will likely be available in sizes 6 mos up to 3 yrs.  And I need a name.  Hrm...

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Anonymous Brittany Whittenberg said...

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9/02/2011 3:29 PM  

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