Tuesday, January 18, 2011

bitty bump

So I had two skeins of Riddermark Merino for a few years and just never happened across the right project.  It's not a lot of yardage because the yarn is bulky, and I couldn't find a hat or mitten pattern that felt right. 

One day, while searching for something or other on Ravelry, I happened across a pattern called Bitty Bump and I immediately thought of those two pretty skeins.  And the blues and greys in them look gorgeous with Zinnia's eyes.  The pattern is a small baby size, but was easy to modify up to a 3T.  It used about 1.75 skeins.

Bitty Bump by Gina Bonomo
Riddermark Merino by Three Irish Girls in Arctic Circle colorway

It was a super fast knit and I'm pleased to have finally found the right project for this pretty yarn.

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