Wednesday, March 12, 2008

one hurdle cleared, one to go

Yesterday was the ultrasound to check for blockage and everything looked good. We were able to see the mounds that they made on each side of her bladder and it was apparent what the surgeon meant when he said that the second one was "good, but not great." The one on the right side, from the first surgery, was shaped like a little half-circle, flat side down. The left one, from February's surgery, looked more like a round of dough. Sticking up, but more flat. But hopefully that will be good enough.

Her vcug, where we will find out if the surgery was successful, is scheduled for the morning of May 9th. For that we will return to the radiology place where she had her first one, because it went so much smoother there than the one at Children's in October. I have great expectations that we will get good news.

We had a little scare on Friday when she went to the health room at school, complaining of a headache. No fever at that time, but within two hours it was 102, so we had to go in to be sure it wasn't a breakthrough UTI. The good news is that it's strep (odd to say strep is good news). So now she's taking amoxicillan for ten days in addition to the suprex she has been taking since last spring. Man, I can't believe that, as of 3/15, this will have been going on for a year.

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Blogger Mommyleek said...

Every little bit of good news warms my heart, Gretchen. I'm so happy to hear that she's doing so well this time around. Sorry, though, to hear about the strep. Having just gone through that with J recently, I know how much it sucks. But yes, in a good kind of way. I fully expect the May VCUG to be 100% perfect, and will cross my fingers and say a million prayers until I hear so.


3/13/2008 6:33 AM  
Blogger msubulldog said...

A year is a loooong time to be dealing with all this. Hugs to you & Emma and wishes for good results in May!

3/14/2008 11:34 AM  

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