Thursday, March 29, 2007

Emma and Vita and Jake (oh, my!)

Emma went back to school today. No fever (yea!). The only thing we know, so far, from the urine test is that she was pretty dehydrated Wednesday morning. That didn't surprise me as I'm having a hard time getting her to drink. They threatened iv fluids and I think she's taking it seriously now, making herself take more sips.

We all went to see my sister and the babe at the hospital tonight. They are set to go home tomorrow. You know that newborn test they do to check the hip joints? The poor wee girly's hip popped right out of the joint when they did it. They will head over to Children's tomorrow to see an orthopedic surgeon for a more thorough diagnosis. Hopefully it's something that will just correct itself.

I forgot to take my camera (argh!), but with a lot of the swelling down in her face she is looking less like a clone of her daddy. Not that she wasn't adorable that way, but it was really cool walking into the room and immediately seeing something of my sister in her.

Oh, and Jake got his third college acceptance letter. This is for choice #3, so it's unlikely that he'll go there but it's fun to know he was accepted at all three. Choice #1 is looking very good as they put together a financial aid package that brings the cost to within 1k of Choice #2. It will be interesting to see what Choice #3 puts together. We should have that within the week.

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