Thursday, September 07, 2006

yarn raffle blogger stalker.

That's me. For some reason all of the emails I sent to our second place winner kept ending up with "failed delivery" messages. Mailer Daemon (the slightly less attractive cousin of Matt Damon, I suspect) kept assuring me that he was just warning me...that he would keep trying to deliver my messages for several more days. That I didn't need to re-send them. I didn't completely believe him, and sent another, but he caught me and reminded me again. Each day he updated me on the fact that my message had not been delivered but he would keep trying.

Then I got an email from the winner, herself. Not in response to my emails, but because she had seen her name here as the second place winner. I responded to that. No dice. Mr. Daemon is taking care of the matter and he warned me not to re-send it--he would be taking care of that. Yo, Daemon's got my back.

I waited. Her address and phone number were at the bottom of the email. But I needed to know her yarn choice and the I had a feeling Mr. Daemon wasn't going to come through. So far he was six days of empty promises. But this is my blog. I'm not supposed to have real contact with people, right? I held my breath and dialed. "Um....this is Gretchen....with the yarn raffle blog...." My head was exploding. I'm sure she could tell just what a moron I am.

She picked the oh so lovely laceweight merino (but, was starting to call my name, "....don't send me away, Gretchen! Keep me for yourself! I will make you happy like no yarn ever has..."), and now I can mail it out. Hey, Daemon? You can go about your business now. I won't be needing any further assistance from you.

Next task: call Elmore Pisgah to have the Mason Dixon prepack shipped to Angie, the third place winner. This, I could handle. It's a business, after all. They are expecting calls from people about yarn. I have to mention how much I love talking to people with southern accents. I have a bad habit of picking one up when I do, though. It's not on purpose. It just happens. So the entire time I'm placing the order, my accent is getting better and better to match the lovely lady in NC that I am talking to. And my three and a half year old is repeating every word I say in a southern accent. Loudly. Mocking me. Thanks, Ben.

Two things accomplished and it's not even eleven. I'm smokin.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think *I* was the stalker in this relationship! I'm glad you let me know my email was bouncing, I just thought no one loved me. I ordered coordinating yarn from chewy spaghetti after I got that lovely "Thistledown". Thanks again! Michelle

9/12/2006 2:00 PM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

Oooh! I can't wait to see what you end up making! Please be sure to take pics!

9/19/2006 8:33 AM  

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