Wednesday, September 06, 2006

and it's off!

The wet stuff finally stopped falling from the sky so Lydia and I ventured out to the post office to send the raffle money off to the American Heart Association. I got a few strange looks when I pulled out my camera at the post office, but no one came out and asked me if I was crazy. I must look crazy and scary.

I sent it Priority so that I can track it. Feel free to track it along with me, though I just checked and it's not in the online system, yet. The tracking number for is 03060320000553804997.

Again, thank you all for your generous donations. It means so much to me and, especially, Erin. Erin, I predict you are going to surpass your $3000 goal.


Blogger Erin Monahan said...

Gretchen, this is so awesome! Bren got his donation today from Clara and Hope... he's all smiles and even a little hyper about it, but he's also scratching his head over it, can't figure out who they are (hahaha I'll tell him later, but for now, I'm having fun teasing him!)

And Kassi came home with the check from her middle school $653! She's absolutely vibrating with excitement.

As for your prediction, I predict that you're right, but then, I have inside information ;)

Thanks again to everyone who donated to the raffle, and thank you for organizing it! I think I'll track it too ;)

9/06/2006 3:50 PM  

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