Monday, March 13, 2006

The Daily Lydia (and ramblings)

I have been such a slug. I finally got the photos and materials together to make the announcements (um...kinda late). I even assembled some. So now I've decided to use them as thank you notes. I've even started writing them. But I have yet to get even one in the mail. Ugh. This week. I swear.

Man, her eyes look so dark in photos! One of my games that I play each time we have a new baby (you know--along with Boy or Girl, What Color Hair, Lefty or Righty, etc.) is What Color Eyes? So far we have three with dark chocolate eyes, two with brown that have patches of green and one with grey/green/blue, depending on the day. I peer into them, try to get the baby to keep their eyes open when I'm next to a good light source (never very successful with that one), and just generally obsess. I've added a new element to the game this time: take a closeup photo of her eyes and zoom in on the computer. What fun! Today I will share with you the eyeball of the day. Notice the pretty streaks coming in! (-: whisper: hey--could this be the reason I haven't finished the thank you notes, yet?

And knitting...I haven't been. And I'm missing it something fierce. I am coveting some Debbie Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk, laceweight something or other and something like this: dancing leaf farm


Blogger Belinda said...

She is so YOU, I can't even believe it. It is beyond belief. Believe it, I do not. Gawd, you're lucky.

Oh, and you need to email me your new address (and hey--I have one, too!).

3/18/2006 1:27 AM  

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