Friday, June 01, 2007

my Lantern Moon basket overfloweth, aka, the winner is...

But first, what are we playing for?

From top left, more or less...

A skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids (420 yards of luxury merino fingering weight), donated by the fantastic Michelle of The Sweet Sheep

Handmade sheepy notecards from Krafty1 Designs

Ten (count 'em, 10!) skeins of Lavish superfine alpaca donated by last year's top winner, Nancy

(starting over at the next row)

A skein of sock yarn from All Things Heather in pinks, purples and blues

two skeins of Heilo to knit "We Call Them Pirates" hat by Hello Yarn (or whatever you choose, but that's what I would choose)

A sheepy notepad, contributed by wonderful Angie, without whose help this fundraiser wouldn't be nearly as good as it is

(back to the front row in the basket)

Aloe and Comphrey lotion donated by the fabulous Ronni

A skein of Hand Spun Australian wool generously donated by my crack dealer Cider Moon

(in front)

four skeins of Sugar 'n Cream, also from Angie

a bar of Naked soap, which is a righteous bar of unscented and uncolored soap, made by me

All of of it is packed into (and in front of) a Lantern Moon drawstring box, woven with seagrass and lined with silk.

Some non-melting goodies will be stowed away with all of that and will soon be on its way to...

...ticket #144, Jesse! Congratulations, Jesse! Jesse is blogless, as far as I know--please correct me if I'm wrong.

Jesse will also get to choose a nice selection of patterns donated by Harvest Moon Designs.

We still have three more drawings to go--please keep spreading the word! Huge thanks to all of you for helping to blow through the first two goals!

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Blogger Angela Martínez said...

Hooray and congrats to Jesse! That's a rather lovely basket full of goodies. "woven with seagrass and lined with silk" That should be the beginning of a poem or something.

Thank you Jesse, for your incredibly generous donation. Hope you enjoy every bit of your prize.

And thank you again, Gretchen, for all that you're doing for Team Nova.

6/02/2007 5:38 AM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Oh, Jesse, are you in for a treat!!! Welcome to the winner's circle --- it's delightful in here.

6/02/2007 9:44 AM  
Blogger Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

what a fantasic prize basket, Jesse is one lucky winner.

6/06/2007 3:21 PM  

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