Friday, February 23, 2007

something else to consider, but in a good way

Jake got a letter today from one of the colleges that he applied to (not choice #1) offering him a presidential merit scholarship that will cover nearly half of his tuition (and room & board). And it's annually renewable.

Go, Jake! Yea! Free money!

Here I was thinking that as long as the financial aid stuff works out for choice #1, he would definitely go there. But wouldn't it be nice to have that much less to pay back in the end? This school is already about 8k less per year (but it's still more than the other college he applied to). Oy. Just last night he said that if the money doesn't work out for choice #1, this college would be choice #2.

All three schools say that the financial aid information will be revealed on or about April first. Come on, spring.

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Blogger SighsofmyLife said...

What wonderful news! It's such a relief, isn't it?

3/09/2007 10:52 PM  

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