Friday, February 16, 2007

snow day #3

Have I mentioned I love snow days? The only downside to this lucky run is that it's not because of snow, really, but ice. We got a little bit of snow then lots of sleet and freezing rain. The first day the kids were able to go outside and play. Sledding was great and (what fun!) they could walk on top of the stuff without sinking in most of the time.

The second day looked promising. They could glide down the hill on their backsides, forgoing the saucers altogether. Then two injuries in quick succession (following, but not related to Clara's super slide into the neighbor's fence) and the troops were called in. Today I haven't let them out at all. It's just plain dangerous.

But there is plenty of fun to be had inside. Dogs were walked and fed (note the bowls of fruity cheerios served on the floor), babies flew and The Screaming Babies practiced (their cd release show is tomorrow--woohoo!). All this and Monday is a holiday. Sweet.

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Blogger JayJay said...

We don't get very many snow days in California, but I sure do remember them from when I was a kid in Wisconsin! It looks like you all had a blast!

2/19/2007 11:19 AM  

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