Monday, August 14, 2006

knitting progress

I'm about halfway through the second repeat (of three) on my blanket of prayers. I've also hopped on the dishcloth bandwagon, courtesy of Mason Dixon (though I still have to snag the book) and the monthly knit along group on yahoo. I'm waiting for the mid-month pattern to be posted on the 16th and I have to find a pair of number seven needles. I know I had at least one pair at some point but I cannot find them for the life of me. My husband will read this, shake his head and mutter, "I know why you can't find them." Pay no attention to him. I do not have my knitting spread across the house in various locations. I would never do that. It's all very organized. May I introduce myself? I'm Joe Isuzu. Oops. My age is showing.

I need to get back to this sweater. And I have another project waiting but I have to get something else finished first. The new project scares me. Steeks, anyone?


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