Monday, June 13, 2005

Because one can never have too many snakes...

At least it wasn't in my living room. 13 years here and we've never seen a snake. Not that I doubt that they're out there...but they've stayed out there and out of sight. Sunday afternoon the kids come running up from the basement: "DADDY FOUND A SNAKE!" Sure enough, a baby ringneck snake. Maybe as big around as a pencil and 6 or 7 inches long. In trying to identify it (google search: identify snake yellow ring neck--results: ringneck snake. Duh.), I also found out that Kitten's snake from the other day was a garter snake. I swear, in my previous, adventurous life I would have known that without looking it up.

Anyway, the kids were thrilled with the snake and held it a bit until Hope accidentally let it go in the grass. Snake, 1. Kids, 0. Poor Hope. Clara, deep in her snake/lizard/un-cuddly pet lovin' phase, was not very happy with her. She cooled down later when we went out to get haircuts for the boys and stopped by Petsmart. She used her money to get an anole lizard. Last night he was named Regis but this morning a white stripe appeared on his back so she is now Kelly. Who knew I had a R&K fan in the house? It seems that a while back when Clara was home sick for almost a week and got to watch the show she was impressed. (-;

Hope brought home another male betta (this one is a pretty yellow), hoping that he will be a better daddy fish than her current pretty boy, who lets the fry drop to the bottom instead of returning them to their bubble nest.

And speaking of boys getting haircuts, is there any better predictor of summer being around the corner than a little boy with a fresh buzz cut? Pics of my bald babies tomorrow. (-:


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