Saturday, June 11, 2005

Take me out to the ballgame.

Today was Clara's All Star game. We got to the field about 25 minutes before the start time to find out that she was supposed to be there an hour ahead (our coach never told us), but that wasn't a big deal.

Our girls were teamed up with girls from one of the teams that Clara hated playing all season (a lot of their players seem to be at the upper age range of the league and they have abilities to match), and they were playing a team made up of girls from two of the other teams. Our girls were the All Stars, West.

Can I just brag a second? Clara whacked the ball every time she was up at bat, except the time that the pitcher hit her on the shoulder with the ball. Ouch. One time she was up she hit three hard fouls to begin with, then barely popped the ball and it landed nearly at her feet, lol. They were all in freeze frame for a few seconds, then everyone started yelling, "RUN!" Clara took off for first base and the catcher and pitcher woke up and grabbed for the ball. She made it, though. She got to first base each time she was up and ended up making two runs.

The game went back and forth with the score and it was unbelievably hot. Clara caught for three consecutive innings until the coaches decided that it was too hot to be in the catcher's gear any longer (Clara disagreed), and told her to sit down and cool off.

Final score,
All Stars, West: 12
All Stars, East: 9

Woohoo! It was so exciting for her to play in the game, and winning was just the icing on the cake. She got a nice trophy and a wonderful end to her first season of softball. She's talking about trying baseball out in the fall to see how the two games compare.


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