Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday, Monday....

...sing along with me.

Hope's teacher told her that she didn't need to help backstage during Friday night's performance because it was her birthday. Hope felt Very Special and didn't even want to wear her SOM shirt. So we went: Hope, Clara, Emma and I. At first, despite arriving 30 minutes early, it looked like we would have to sit on the floor to the side. Then they started bringing more chairs in and I commandeered three, since Hope had already decided to sit with her friends. Poor Clara was not feeling great and spent most of the evening slumped in her chair. I offered to take her home or sit in the car with her, but she wanted to stay and watch. I'm pretty sure there was some sort of electrical shock device hooked up to Emma's chair because she was bouncing in and out of it most of the night. Sitting on the edge. Standing beside it. Sitting on the other edge. Standing in front of it. Sitting on the middle. Climbing on my lap.

We all enjoyed the show, though Clara and Emma fell asleep during the last few scenes. I was amazed at the level of talent some of the kids have--especially the girl playing Maria and the boy playing Max. One thing that was immensely funny....there were two times when Maria and the Captain kiss. The kids in the audience went wild...screaming, hooting, etc. Hope assures me that they weren't even really kissing, especially since the Captain is really Leisl's boyfriend. Yikes. On the down side, it's nearly impossible for them to figure out how long the show will run...we didn't get out of there until 10:45. Yawn.

So, Hope got a few outfits, a Cali Boy barbie, a purse, lipgloss, blush and a few other assorted items from us. She seemed genuinely thrilled...less so when we couldn't go out to dinner to celebrate, as planned, on Sunday night because Clara had a fever. Ugh.

Speaking of which, Clara has a fever. Since Friday night. You'll pretend not to notice that I took her to see Sound of Music while she was sick. She wanted to go. Really. Anyway, the fever pretty much goes away during the day then starts going back up in the evening. She stayed home today and didn't have a fever all day long. Felt fine. So I agreed that she could play in her softball game. Came home. Fever. Bad Mom award. I'll get her in tomorrow to see if it's something treatable like strep.

Bill ended up going to see SOM on Saturday night. He took Clara, since her fever had been gone all day (we keep falling for that one), and she begged, having fallen asleep for the end the night before. Afterwards, the cast/crew party that was supposed to be at Fuddrucker's was moved to Potomac Pizza because Fudds was closing. Hope had fun, but said it was too short. Yeah, well...when the play runs until nearly 11.....

On Sunday Jake went to the auto fair they were having at the high school to try to sell raffle tickets for the 2005 Mustang convertible. If anyone is interested, please send me an email! We have tickets to sell! It's For A Good Cause! And they're only 25 bucks! Four hours later, no tickets sold. When I was there I saw a small number of people....and I think that 95% of them were students and parents volunteering.

I lost the diapers today so Ben went all day (including right now) in underpants. He even went out to drop Abie off at school and have lunch. There was an accident because his airhead mama forgot to ask him if he needed to go to the bathroom after being out of the house for four hours. Of course, as soon as Bill got home he found the diapers. Because That's How He Is.

And now I need to get to sleep. Yawn. Laura, if you're reading this, call me when you get up in the morning.


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