Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ugly threats from my friend....

...have persuaded me to post an update.

Clara turned ten, right on schedule. Dinner at Chipotle, then a rush to softball practice where she hit *every* ball pitched to her (can you see me beaming?), then back home to open presents. She scored a batting helmet and the little cage-like thing that the softball league is using with them, batting gloves that even Jake thought were cool, a bright yellow softball, a goofy little car for the gerbils to sleep in, and gum. Lots of gum.

Friday night we got the sweetest little bunny from a freecycler. He's a tiny little white dwarf bunny with black eyeliner around his eyes and grey mottling on his itty bitty ears. The jury is still out on his name, as our blind voting produced tears from one of the voters. Current names on the table are BoBice (said as one word), Constantine and Ozzy. More suggestions will be made, I'm sure. Feel free to add your own.

Saturday morning the game was cancelled, due to rain. I was thrilled, as I was working from 7:30 until 2:00. I started a new project though....a cotton baby blanket in pink with two types of cables, seed stitch and moss stitch. I think it will be waaay cute if I ever finish it, lol. Pics to be posted later.

Sunday afternoon we went to Sugarloaf Mountain to spread my grandmother's ashes. I feel weird even writing that. It's all so new and raw. The weather was weird....cloudy then sunny, off and on. At two points there were even a few flakes. It was a beautiful spot, though.

Monday was Girl Scouts for Clara and poor Hope had fever in the evening. She was complaining of feeling dizzy and having a headache and, sure enough. Sick.

Today I drove around all day. Well, it felt like it. I dropped Abie off at preschool at 11:45, then came home. Went to pick up Clara and Emma from school at 12:45 for dental appointments, then off to the high school to get Jake (same reason). During the cleanings, Bill got Abie from school and dropped him off at the dental office. Ben wanted nothing more than to run out the door of the office for some reason. Oh. He's two and a half. I guess that's a reason.

After the dentist we headed over to get haircuts for the little boys. It took forever to grow out their last cuts into some length, but it was time for a trim. I swear, I carefully, ever-so-patiently described what I wanted, complete with hand motions. Abie still ended up with a regular short haircut. Ergh! It seemed to be going so well, then SNIP! And then it's too late. When she asked me what I wanted for Ben, I started with the hand motions and description, again, ending with, "Not like what you did on him," pointing to Abie. Lest you worry, Abie did not hear me saying this, so I will not have to pay for therapy on this event. And not that he doesn't look cute (how could he not?)...it's just not the haircut I requested. Anyway, after a bit of cutting then two more consultations with hand motions, Ben ended up with close to what I was after. I would post a picture, but I CAN'T FIND MY CAMERA! Most annoying! And I know it's right around here somewhere because I did take pictures this evening.

We also got our box from Laura today! Tons of goodies for the kids from Josh. They were absolutely thrilled...even the big kid, Bill! And Bill *loves* the hat, Josh, if you're reading this. I took pics of them opening everything, but they are on my camera. I'll post as soon as I find it.

And now I am up waaay too late writing this. I am going to be sorry in the morning.

One more thing...did I mention that we have chicks hatching on May 5th? And a few more batches a day later and a few days after that. Yea! Baby chicks!


Blogger Laura said...

the bunny should be named Chicklet. that's my vote.

4/27/2005 12:33 AM  

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