Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Before I forget--two more days until Clara's birthday! She keeps me updated each day, lol. She has decided that she wants salad and ribs for her birthday dinner. Oh, and a bonfire with s'mores. That should be easy enough on a school night with softball practice, to boot!

Emmatoolie.com is actually getting there! I have products listed now, just not organized. We still need to set up the categories. I also would like to have the creams listed as one product with a dropdown for selecting the fragrance.

Hope has rehearsals every day except Friday for the musical. She's now the prop manager. Wait...lemme capitalize that. She's now the Prop Manager. The show will be two nights, including one on her birthday. I put a "shout-out" in the program for her, saying happy birthday. I can just see what her expression will be when she sees it. Completely chuffed while trying to not smile too much. (-:



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