Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday morning

Ok...So it just turned into Monday. I shouldn't be up this late. But my best friend has been uploading photos from her daughter's Sweetheart's Ball (father-daughter dance) and I just had to stay up to see them. So cute. Oh, and since it's now Monday, it's my grandmother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Nanny!

On the Crumpets front, I found some yarn and actually got it to work, I think. I'll post a pic later of my work, so far. The yarn is Paton's Grace in sky. Completely wrong yarn, but I have high hopes. Or I'm delusional. Well, I was going to post a pic of my progress, but my batteries decided to die. In my next life I want to always have new batteries available. Remind me.

Lap-Band. Bad news. I called the insurance company and they told me that it wouldn't be covered. I'm not sure if that is the end-all answer. Maybe I'll call the surgeon's office and see what they say. I was feeling so positive on this that it was a huge let down when I got off the phone. I've heard of having to submit and then appeal...maybe that would be the case? I dunno.

A's kindergarten orientation: hilarious. When the principal asked the kids to sit on stars on the carpet, B (2 1/2) sat down next to A. Within moments they were hugging each other and being silly. Rolling about in their little space. The principal asked the kids who knew the first letter of their first name. All the little hands shot up except A's. He blurted out, "A!" He had a blast, though. They had a few activities for the kids to do while the parents went to another room. Comments from a teacher and staff member who were helping the kids were along the lines of, "WOW! This one talks!" "He's a chatty one, isn't he?!" They both know E, my shy child. I'm going to be the mom of That Boy. (-;

C's practice on Thursday night went great--she seems like she might have an arm for pitching and they ended up putting her in for a bit during the game on Saturday. I was (and am) so sad that I had to miss it because I was proctoring a test. Bill says she did great, though. Her birthday is coming up on Friday and I can't wait to see the look on her face when she opens her (requested) softball gifts. Sporty Spice.

Oh, and J asked me to teach him how to knit! He wants to knit a long black and orange scarf and chose a few skeins to start. I got a few pics the other day... hang on...I'll try to post one.



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