Wednesday, May 24, 2006

sometimes I actually know what I'm talking about.

So, I went in to talk to Jake's counselor. Jake had another appointment with the pediatrician and she said he needs at least two more weeks to recover. He shouldn't even think about school work or studying for exams.

Bless his heart, the counselor was so sweet and ended up going out to talk to the vice principal about how best to handle the situation. I could overhear them outside the office empathizing with how Jake must be feeling and that he shouldn't have a ton of makeup work and exams hanging over his head. Mr. M. came back in and said that he would have to get the principal's approval, but he was going to recommend that Jake's grades be frozen and he would be exempt from makeup work and taking exams. A dream come true, right?

But, you see, Jake has this syndrome. My smart, smart boy likes to play a game some marking periods where he blows off the early assignments then works his ass off the rest of the time to bring his grades back up. He had just started this hard working phase when he got sick. Yeehaw. Let's freeze his grades. No. Way.

So they are freezing some grades. But AP English, Pre Calculus and Honors Modern World History will all have makeup assignments and exams that will have to be turned in over the summer.

Hey, Jake...remember when I told you that it's a better plan to start off the marking periods with good grades so that you have wiggle room if something comes up?


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