Tuesday, May 23, 2006

mono boy

Happy Mother's Day. Your kid has mono.

Jake, like many teenagers, gets too little sleep during the week then makes up for it by sleeping all weekend. Last week was no exception but once the weekend came Jake's band had a gig (ha! Bandspeak) on Saturday (they had to be there around 11 am, when he would normally still be asleep), then Sunday was Mother's Day and we were invited to my sister's house for brunch. No late sleeping, again. I say this with all of my love, but by Sunday he looked like crap. Exhausted. Monday he had a low grade fever and stayed home from school. Tuesday he went in but only because he had a concert that night and wouldn't be able to perform if he missed school. Honestly, I worried he wouldn't make it through the concert. He looked that bad. Wednesday he was wiped and stayed home, again. Thursday, off to the doctor. I actually felt a bit silly. Um...my kid has this low grade fever off and on and is tired. Doctor: why do you let him stay up so late on school nights?

The way it really went was that they checked him out and immediately sent us to have blood drawn. She suspected mono. Several days and several test results later, including a false negative for mono, he does have it. So he missed most of last week and will miss all of this week and next, at a minimum. No big deal. It's just exams coming up. The poor kid sleeps 15 hours at night, gets up for an hour then takes a three hour nap. Repeat, then go to bed for the night.


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