Monday, June 06, 2005

Hot, hotter, hottest.

Ok, so I will concede that today is not the hottest day we will have in the near future, but man, it's hot! 91 degrees with 53% humidity. The kids have come home from school all red faced and looking like they're going to drop any second. I took Emma in to the doctor earlier today and felt sick just from the little time I was between air conditioned indoors and the van. Blech.

The reason for the doctor visit was the poison ivy that she has on her legs. Not altogether a horrible case, but it's getting a bit worse each day and now is between her toes, poor thing. Added to that, she woke up at 1 am howling that her ear was hurting her. I was sure it had ruptured. No symptoms on that front until the middle of the night episode. The doctor said that there is a tiny bit of fluid, but it's not even red. Can you say low pain tolerance? (-; Poor, poor Emma. Anyway, now she will be layered in steroid and benadryl creams and topped off with some Atarax so that she can sleep at night. Poor itchy girl.



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