Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BEHOLD the power of the inside-out pajamas:

Snow Day! Woot! It's about time. While I could do without the bitter cold we've been having, we don't usually have to wait until February for a snow day off from school.

I love, love, love snow days. As I've told my friend, Laura (who is misguided enough to believe that L.A. weather is normal), snow days are like finding a twenty in your coat pocket that you didn't know was there. Sweet!

You fair-weather folks, are you aware of the power of the inside-out pajamas to bring on a snow day?

You know, I was just thinking how nice it will be that the other kids will have today to see Jake before he gets on his flight today (the original plan involved me taking him to the airport straight from school). Then I realized that, left to his own devices, he will probably roll out of bed sometime after 1 pm. Oh, well.

Abie's hat, in the photo above, is Fig and Plum's pattern knit up in Araucania Atacama (M02).

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