Friday, November 10, 2006

A, B or C

Ok, so about that second college visit. If you were in charge of planning a day for prospective students and their parents to come see your school, get a taste of what it has to offer and maybe get excited about going there, how would you decide which professors should speak? I wouldn't start with two who clearly did not want to be speaking, but maybe that's just me.

And, say those kids and their parents were being invited to have brunch there. Wouldn't you remove the basket of moldy, shriveled up oranges sitting right at eye level by the pizza? Oh, College B, honestly. Did it not occur to you to glance around one last time before the guests arrived?

The first three quarters of the presentation was boring to the point that we were falling asleep. After that the dean of students did a good job of waking the audience up and the students who spoke were interesting.

We left feeling like it was a (college A) wannabe. To be fair, maybe they were just having a really off day. After plowing through the boring delivery, the core of what they were trying to say seems pretty good and I can't help but wonder what my impression would be if we had gone there first. Maye without College A fresh in our minds, College B wouldn't have seemed so...lacking in presentation. Their location is also in a place that Jake would like to be as happy with as the location of College A.

Having said that, Jake now feels strongly that he would be very happy at college A. He is in the process of getting everything together to submit to college A for early decision. We do still have college C to visit in December, but the location has him thinking that he will be happier at college A.

Now, if we could just fast-forward to the financial part and see if it will all work out.

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