Thursday, April 14, 2005

today is the first day of the rest of my life....

...not to sound completely corny. We are looking at some big changes in the future...thinking about picking up and moving from the area that I've lived in my entire life and heading off to greener pastures. Cheaper, greener pastures. Realistically, there is no way we could ever afford to buy a house in this area in a neighborhood that we would enjoy. Moving further north towards the MD-PA border or just across in PA could mean a huge difference for us. More on that later.

Another big change I am considering...lap-band surgery. More on that later, too. (-:

On the knitting front, I am trying to find the perfect yarn to make this: Crumpets. For Emma. Shhhh! Don't tell. The yarn that is recommended (Cotton-Ease) is no longer available at my Michael's. Go figure. Finally a lovely pattern that uses readily available, inexpensive yarn and my Michael's decides to stop carrying it. I tried starting it with another cotton yarn, but my gauge was way off, even with smaller needles. Back to the drawing board.

Tonight is C's softball practice and H's Evening of Excellence at school (where she has a mini Parthenon and a brochure that she made on display). Tomorrow is A's kindergarten orientation. How did that happen so quickly? And tax day. :-P



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