Thursday, November 30, 2006

can you see me in this house?

Because I can. Painted up right pretty and chickens milling about the yard, of course, but I can see it. Just a thought.
I've been working on Christmas knits. I have a sick feeling in my stomach that a certain fair isle hat is going to be too small. If I were the type of knitter who works on one project until it's finished I would have known (one way or the other) sooner, but I'm one to do a little on this one and a little on that one (and so on), so I'm just now realizing. I even checked the gauge, but apparently I tightened up my gauge once I got going. Think good thoughts for me. The worst that could happen is it gets gifted to a smaller-headed child (goodness knows I've got plenty of sizes to choose from), but I am really hoping I can block it out.
Tomorrow is the early action deadline for Jake's first choice college. We've turned in everything we can and now are relying on others for their submissions. As of last week the college had still not received his hs transcript, counselor letter and teacher recommendations. As of yesterday the counselor said he will have the transcript and letter to them in time. I'm not sure about the teachers' letters. Technically he needs just one, so even in one falls through it will be fine.
Breathe. Let it go. Let it go. Breathe.

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Blogger DD said...

That house is indeed very lovely, even with the weird additional windows on the side there.

I certainly do envy your talent in knitting. I'm sure if I took up something like that, I'd have maybe just a little more patience in my life.

11/30/2006 8:17 PM  
Blogger Leigh said...

The fairisle hat problem is happening to me, too! Next time, I'll start it in the summer when the deadline is far far way.

Good luck to you on the hat and Jake on school!

12/01/2006 7:26 AM  

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